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what is digital signage

digital signage

Digital Signage Applications is a network of intelligent video displays placed in variours places, to communicate targeted, up-to-the-minute messages to defined audiences.


Digital Signage Applications is more cost-effective and flexible than other forms of visual communications. Digital signage attracts viewers' attention in environments such as Retails, Banks, Hotels, Airports, Schools, Colleges, Campuses, Entertainment Places, Restaurants, Hospitals, Dentist Offices and Healthcares.

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our vision

our vision

We Bring you the "Technologies You need" is the spirit of Mustafa Computers & Peripherals, although it may seem to be a simple slogan, but there is much more behind it.

As we see the dramatic growth in the digital signage market is creating excitement, we have launched a new company i.e. CHANNEL52 to meet the needs of this industry. Thanks to a medium that allows customization, higher aesthetics and easier maintenance than conventional advertising, more and more advertisers are electronically distributing multimedia messages directly to a rapidly growing number of targeted consumers.

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