Types of Digital Posters :Video System

  1. 1) Standalone LCD 
  2. 2) Standalone LCD controlled by Web-based Remote Management Software



Standalone LCD Advertising Player

    Powered by the new Intel® Atom Processor D2700 ,  this unit can deliver Full 1080p HD entertainment and responsive multitasking performance in a small size. You can now do more with less hardware. Pre Installed with Editor and Player Software that stores the contents on a Hard Disk Drive. T update the content the user uses a flash drive and insert the USB stick into the port and override the OLD CONTENT. As Simple as ABC. Following formats are supported : JPEG, MP3 audio and video (MPEG 1,2,4).

    Screens can be mounted in either Portrait or Landscape positions giving total flexibility to users.

Network Enabled LCD Advertising Player

    No  major difference except the Hard Drive Content can be changed using either a WIRED or WIRELESS (Optional) Network controlling all the content from one location through a Web Based Remote Management Software.

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