Video Sychronize System

AbstractVideo System

This is a video synchronize system for Exhibition. It could synchronize the video playback procedure for several computers, so you could combine several screens to make a special visual effects.



    :: Synchronize video playback on computers in the LAN, the time    difference between each computer will be in 30 micro-seconds       (1-2 frames of video, hard to be aware of by human's eye).

    :: Use the synchronize signals during playing back the video, so the video could always be synchronized.
  • :: No limitation of the number of computers to control. You only need to connect all computer into the LAN.
  • :: Support all standard video formats. The software will use the video codecs on your system automatically.
  • :: The new player could be appended anytime with just connect it in to the network, and do some settings on    the control pc.
  • :: Support auto loop play to display the video continuously all day long.
  • :: Support remote control the video display by hardware device.


Comparision with other solutions

Functions The software open the video when receiving the network or serial port signal Synchronized by hardware Video signal boardcasted by server This system
Display videos at the same time Open the video files and display them with network or hardware signal. Turn on the players through the switch. The server will send the video signal to all plaers, but for the buffer of RTP/RTCP protocol, the start time of all players can't be synchronized. Open the video files and displaye them with network signal.
Synchronize during display There is no synchronous signal to control the video during display. Nowadays, all operation systems are non-real time, the tasks in system are excuted alternately with time fragment method. So although the hardware configuration are similar with each computers, they will still have some errors with the process of the display and the error will become obvious gradually. Mostly, using real-time embedded system and decode with hardware, so although there isn't any synchronize signal to control the video during the process, the effect of synchronization is still well. All players' video are controlled by media server, but the synchronous effect is not very well. The "Controller" sent the synchronous signal in the whole display process, each player active adjusted the display speed to ensure good synchronization.
Auto loop display Support, but the interval is imprecise. Support. Support. Support.
Display same video Support. Support. Support. Support.
Displaye different video(multi-screen) Support. Support. The media server should broadcast to several video channels, so the synchronization is very poor and the channel number is limited. Support.
Support video format Support all general formats. Only support some old formats, like AVI, MPEG and so on. Depend on the media server. Support all general formats.
Display high definition video Support. Generally, not support because of the infulence of hardware. Generally, not support because of the infulence of the media server performance. Support.
Output 5.1 channel audio Support. Not support. Not support. Support.
Cost Low. Change the hardware is expensive. The media server is expensive. Low.